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One of the amazing things that Cakap gave to their Squad is a fair environment. Cakap gives us unlimited space to learn, grow, and leads us to become talents ready to adapt to the movement. Besides that, the supportive team makes me want to contribute...
Kurnia Indy Pratama S. People Operations Manager
In line with my vision, Cakap aims to provide equal opportunities for Indonesians to learn about languages. In addition, the way the team works that embraces each other is the main key for Cakap to always improve their services and provides the opportunity for Squads...
Cecilia Ong Chief Operating Officer
Starting from my interest to join the education industry, Cakap not only provides the best experience for their students but also for their employees. With our guidance, Cakap Values are beneficial to create workplace harmony. In Cakap, I met people who have a passion for...
Stefanny Novita VP Finance
At Cakap, I can learn how to adapt to a dynamic work environment. By prioritizing adaptability and agility, Cakap guides us (employees) to be creative in responding to existing changes to be a plus point for Cakap. I hope that Cakap can grow bigger, better,...
Veronica Banister Sr. BD Manager
My favorite thing about working at Cakap is the incredible opportunity the company has given me to grow and advance. There is always something challenging happening, and every day is filled with new learning opportunities. Join us and be part of our story!
Thisya Punda Rika Sr. BD Associate

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